Welcome to the new jkwoodstudio.com! I have been an Information Technology professional for over 20 years. I currently live and work in southeastern Louisiana. I do IT work out of my home office, mostly consulting which consists of; systems administration, network design, and websites. I also donate support, websites (lpbmm.org and woodenboatfest.org) and consulting services to the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Maritime Museum where I built my first wooden boat.

I began working with wood as a hobby. I have a fairly complete wood shop at my home in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana. I am very detail oriented and a perfectionist by nature and it is reflected in my woodworking. With each new project I get the satisfaction of creating something handcrafted and unique. When I build boats I try to compliment the form and functionality with the natural beauty of the woods being used. I use modern boat building techniques to ensure a boat that will last for years to come and also perform well. I build two types of boats, 16' - 20' Lake Skiffs, 12' - 16' Pirogues. Each one is custom built from the finest woods and finishes available. Each component of each boat is handcrafted to ensure quality. The process is very time consuming, so each boat takes quite a while to build.